D.O.R.A - Documentation Organizational Retrieval Application


DORA - The worlds most flexible document and knowledge management system. Completely Web Services portal based. Access it from anywhere in the world on any device that can browse the World Wide Web.

Using DORA convert all your business documentation in most formats (Example: .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt) into easy to store fully searchable knowledge points across the organization. Search and access any or all of your company knowledge with easy to use personal interfaces.

Perform MASS documentation editing with 3 easy clicks.

Automated Data storage with automatic document backups.

Massive information and content storage - Your companies own corporate searchable knowledge storage solution with Hueristic searchable intellegence, and LDAP compliant rules based access. Roles, groups users, and departments have access to only the knowledge that is required to perform duties and functions.



A knowledge management system is not just a document repository but a platform that allows for management of all organizational knowledge. This knowledge is continuously evolving. Knowledge can be derived from information shared by experts, ideas and feedback found in article comments and community forum discussions, and even information within your companies in collaborative email strings,

DORA is designed to allow your individual organizations the ability to “Mine” all forms of critical information¬† (Like nuggets of information) as it’s created and make it easy to share across multiple audiences using multiple channels to distribute this information. DORA provides your various organizations a range of tools for easily capturing knowledge and then dynamically publishing to the correct audience.


Production Status: Custom Design

The DORA knowledge system is a custom designed solution to meet the corporations needs as they are today, with the added flexibility of adapting and changing as the orginazational needs change.

Ease of use, flexible powerful searching and display give this system an edge up on other mainstream document management solutions.



Use DORA to Increase your companies Social Presence

Sharing software as a Knowledge Management System


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