3347-TT ADSL2+ Wireless Testing Tool

The 3347-TT allows for ADSL2+ line testing and validation via Wireless connections from your Apple or Adroid mobile / tablet computers. 

This custom Lithium Battery powered test gateway will allow Field installation groups to test single line ADSL 2+ circuits at any location regardless of access to AC power. 

This device is one Fifth the cost of similar test sets available on the market for LFO/UFO operational teams. POWER 

The 3347-TT utilizes an add on Lithium power source supporting up to 4 hours of continuous utilization. Included in the product kit is a 4A swtiching power supply for recharge, as well as a mobile adapter for in truck charging when AC inverters are not available. 

SPECIFICATIONS Built in Hotspot – Access using IPAD or Android Devices 

PRICING MSRP: $ 279.00 

Production Status: End of Life
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