RMR Communications- BBTT-2

SUMMARY RMR Communications has launched the new BBTT-2 VDSL2/ADSL2+ Bonded test gateway. The BBTT-2 offers dual line ADSL / VDSL line testing and validation via Wireless connections from your Apple or Adroid mobile / tablet computers. 

This custom Lithium Battery powered test gateway will allow Field installation groups to test both single line and bonded circuits at any location regardless of access to AC power. 

This device is one third the cost of similar test sets available on the market for LFO/UFO operational teams. 

POWER The BBTT-2 utilizes a self contained Lithium power source supporting up to 4 hours of continuous utilization. Included in the product kit is a 6A swtiching power supply for recharge, as well as a mobile adapter for in truck charging when AC inverters are not available. 

SPECIFICATIONS Built in Hotspot – Access using IPAD or Android Devices 

PRICING MSRP: $ 699.00 

Production Status: Discontinued
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