RMR Communications has launched the new Pocket-Fi Wi Fi and Speed Test Set. Pocket-Fi offers up to Internet Gigabit speed testing as well as Wi Fi Spectrum analysis testing validation via Wireless connections from your Apple or Adroid mobile / tablet computers. 

This custom Lithium Battery powered Mini Computer will allow Field installation groups to Service Validate at any Customers location and verify all services are working correctly outside of the customers equiptment. This device is one third the cost of similar test sets available on the market.


  • Up to GIG-E Wired Speed test 802.11 AC Wireless Speed test 802.11 
  • Packet and signal analysis 
  • Wi-Fi Spectrum Analysis Wi-Fi 
  • Spot AP room validation 
  • Expandable USB Port for future integration and expansion  - Storage, Fiber, Copper G.fast service integration
  • Cloud Storage of test results 
  • Flexible and extensible future API / feature integration 

MSRP $645.00 (Volume pricing available)

Production Status: Current

Pocket Fi

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